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March 13, 2024, 12:58 pm

City of New Westminster Wins Award for New Active Transportation Route in Uptown Neighbourhood

City of New Westminster
NEW WESTMINSTER - The City of New Westminster is thrilled to announce the New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS) Cycling Connector project, completed last year, was honoured with the Infrastructure Improvement Award at HUB Cycling’s 11th Annual Bike Awards ceremony.

The HUB Bike Awards is an annual celebration that recognizes individuals and organizations dedicated to enhancing cycling infrastructure and promoting cycling as a safe and accessible mode of transportation across Metro Vancouver. The Infrastructure Improvement Award specifically acknowledges outstanding projects that prioritize the safety and comfort of cyclists of all ages and abilities while addressing crucial gaps in the regional cycling network.

"This recognition from HUB Cycling underscores the City of New Westminster’s commitment to sustainable transportation and the safe movement of people. It encourages us to continue our efforts towards completing the Active Transportation Network so cycling is an accessible and appealing travel option for our community," said Mayor Patrick Johnstone.

The NWSS Cycling Connector project establishes a seamless and comfortable route connecting the east-west Rotary Crosstown Greenway on Seventh Ave with the east entrance of the new NWSS building. It also facilitates easier access to Uptown neighbourhood businesses for active transportation users, supporting economic vitality in the area. The Connector is notable for its innovative approach to providing protected mobility lanes for cyclists and mobility device users.

“An integral aspect of the project was its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility,” said Mike Anderson, Manager of Transportation. “Despite utilizing cost-effective ‘quick-build’ materials for much of the route, we paid particular attention to ensuring bus stops along the route remained fully inclusive and accessible to individuals using mobility aids.”

The NWSS Cycling Connector project aligns with the City’s Uptown Streetscape Vision and the City's Master Transportation Plan. It exemplifies a step forward in creating vibrant, accessible, and environmentally friendly urban spaces while contributing to the City's ambitious climate action goals through the promotion of sustainable and accessible transportation.

Learn more about the NWSS Cycling Connector project on the City’s website.

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