Discussion Forums

At Civicforum.ca, CivicInfo BC hosts a number of online discussion groups for local government professionals in British Columbia.

Membership in each group is by request, and is limited to people in related positions and invited guests.  Participants are encouraged to use the forums to ask questions and trade information.  The forums may not be used for recruitment, and additional rules may exist for specific groups.

Discussion forum features include:
  • Optional email notifications when posts are made in specific groups, or when replies are posted in individual discussion threads.
  • The ability to add / attach documents to your posts.  (Word, Excel, PDF, and more.)
  • A messaging function that allows you to communicate directly and privately with other forum members.

Current discussion groups:

Corporate Administrators Discussion Forum
A group for British Columbia's local government corporate administrators, including municipal clerks, deputy clerks, and other similar positions.

Approving Officers Discussion Group
An invitation-only discussion group for British Columbia's Approving Officers, moderated by the Local Government Management Association of BC.

Communication Professionals Discussion Forum
A discussion forum for communication professionals. Participants must be employed by, or under contract to, a local government organization.
Records & Information Management Discussion Forum
A group for local government employees who are responsible for records and information management.

To join a Civicforum.ca group:

  1. Register at www.civicforum.ca, and create a username and password.

  2. During the registration process, indicate the specific discussion groups you would like to join.

  3. Your registration will be reviewed and confirmed by a site administrator. Once approved, you may post new threads and replies.