Legislative Calendar

Dec 01, 2021Advertise schedule of Council meetings before end of year.[127(1)(b) CC]
Dec 01, 2021Each municipality and regional district represented on a library board must pay its share of budget in equal installments on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1 of each year.[25(5) LA]
Dec 01, 2021Internal Recommendation: If the municipality may need a revenue anticipation bylaw, this should be done before year end to ensure any overdrafts in the New Year would be covered.[177 CC]
Dec 07, 2021Refer to the School Tax Remitting Regulation for the monthly due dates for the balance of tax remittances, for the months of July, August, September, October, November.[5 STRR]
Dec 07, 2021Refer to the Police Tax Regulation for the remittance due dates for the months of July, August, September, October, November.[4 PTR]
Dec 15, 2021Where a municipality is collecting taxes for a regional transit commission, it shall on or before the 15th day of each calendar month, pay to British Columbia Transit all of those taxes collected during the preceding calendar month.[17 BCTR]
Dec 27, 2021Service of notice to registered owners and charge holders of property sold at tax sale in September must be confirmed on or before this date. (The final day for notice is no later than three months after the sale of the property at the tax sale, which was Sept. 27)[254 CC; 657 LGA]
Dec 30, 2021Last business day for a regional district board, if it is also a regional hospital district board, to prepare and adopt a provisional budget for the following calendar year, setting out detailed estimates of certain expenses, a list and description of capital expenditures, detailed estimates of revenue, and expected deficits or surpluses.[23(1) HDA, 1 HDAR]
Dec 30, 2021In each year in which a regional transit commission prescribes taxes, the municipality or the Surveyor of Taxes must pay to the authority (a) installments and (b) by December 31 of the year that the taxes were prescribed, all of the taxes prescribed, whether or not the municipality has collected them.[16(1), (2), (3), BCTA]
Dec 31, 2021A municipality must pay previously unpaid taxes imposed by Provincial government for lands within the municipality's boundary.[36(3) LGA]
Dec 31, 2021Monthly reports to: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for GST/PST; Statistics Canada for building permits; Health Authority for water quality testing.
Dec 31, 2021If the fees and charges imposed by regional districts for works and services provided to land or improvements, and fees for fire and security alarms, are unpaid on December 31, 2020, they are deemed to be taxes in arrears on December 31.[399(2) LGA]
Dec 31, 2021Collector notes land and improvements that now have taxes in arrear/delinquent, and other fees and amounts not paid on or before December 31 are deemed to be taxes in arrears/delinquent.[245(1), 246(1) , 258(2) CC]
Dec 31, 2021Applications for Home Owner Grant must be made before January 1 of the next year. Extension application available - HOG available for up to 1 year after December 31. Applications for low-income and veteran supplements must also be made on or before December 31 of the subsequent tax year.[8, 9 HOGA, 12 HOGR]
Dec 31, 2021Last business date upon which the owner of an eligible property may file an application for land tax deferment with the collector of taxes for the municipality.[12 LTDA]
Dec 31, 2021On or before December 31 in each year, local governments that operate facilities or provide services under the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act must deposit to care funds any monies collected for those funds.[29 CIFSA, 22(2),(4) CIFSR]
Dec 31, 2021Last day to provide notice of intent to the Inspector and the Assessment Commissioner for an assessment averaging or phasing bylaw. Notice is to be provided before January 1 of the year the bylaw is to take effect.[198 CC; 5 AAPR]
Dec 31, 2021In each year in which the South Coast BC Transportation Authority assesses taxes, affected municipalities must pay to the authority by December 31 of the year for which the taxes are assessed, the balance of the assessed taxes not paid to the Authority by August 1, whether or not all of the assessed taxes have been collected.[26(2) SCBCTAA]
Assessment Act
Home Owner Grant Regulation
Assessment Authority Act
Interest Rates Under Various Statutes Regulation
Agricultural Land Commission Act
Library Act
Assessment Averaging and Phasing Regulation
Local Elections Campaign Financing Act
Agricultural Land Reserve, ;Use, Subdivision and Procedures Regulation
Land Tax Deferment Act
BC Transit Act
Municipalities Enabling and Validating (No. 4)
BC Transit Regulation
Municipal Finance Authority Act
Community Charter
Manufactured Home Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Act
Manufactured Home Tax Act
Cremation, Internment and Funeral Services Regulation
Municipal Tax Regulation
Economic Stablization (COVID-19) Act
Municipal Wastewater Regulation
Environmental Management Act
Police Act
Financial Disclosure Act
Police Tax Regulation
Financial Information Act
School Act
Fireworks Act
South Coast BC Transportation Authority Act
Hospital District Act
School Tax Remitting Regulation
Hospital District Act Regulation
Weed Control Act
Home Owner Grant Act