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  1. 2018 Local Government Election Collection
    A collection of discrete stand-alone documents that provide information regarding local government elections in British Columbia. This collection is primarily focused on the British Columbia Local Government Election of 2018.
  2. Asset Management and Procurement
    A collection of documents pertaining to procurement and asset management for local governments. This collection focuses on the inherent difficulties surrounding the management of infrastructure in addition the practices of procurement for local governments in British Columbia.
  3. Board of Examiners Reports
    The documents in this collection are submissions made to the Board of Examiners as a requirement for the Certificate in Local Government Executive Management. These research papers provide unique perspectives on the local government management challenges faced by CAO’s, including providing solutions and insights that may be beneficial to others.
  4. Bylaws
    This collection explores various issues pertaining to Bylaws In Local Government in British Columbia
  5. Cannabis
    This collection includes documents pertaining to the role that Local Governments play in the legalization of of cannabis in British Columbia.
  6. Citizen Engagement
    This collection focuses on public engagement practices within a Local Government setting. This collections reviews strategies for improved forms of communication and information dissemination.
  7. Communications
    This collection provides resources regarding the means of delivering effective communication within the Local Government sphere.
  8. Community Planning
    The community planning collections provides a, overview to community planning and the manner in which is is implemented in Local Governments across British Columbia.
  9. Community/Economic Development
    This collection looks at effective ways of implementing community development and economic development within Local Government.
  10. COVID-19
    A collection of COVID-19 resources for BC local governments, including Provincial government bulletins, information from local government associations and agencies, and briefs from local government law firms.
  11. Emergency Management
    A collection of documents pertaining to Emergency Management in British Columbia
  12. Ethics
    This collections explores the roles and manner that Ethics plays in Local Government today.
  13. Freedom of Information and Records Management
    This is a collection provided by the Local Government Management Association. The resource documents in this collection provide local governments in BC with key information regarding the best practices surrounding FOI and Records Management.
  14. Human Resources
    This collection explores issues pertaining to Human Resources within a Local Government setting.
  15. Joint Indigenous and Local Government Initiatives and Relations
    The Joint Indigenous and Local Government Initiatives and Relations collection explores relationship building between Local Governments and First Nations communities in British Columbia. Additional resources found in the collection provide interpretations and practices for the development of relationships between First Nations communities and Local Governments in British Columbia.
  16. Law
    The Local Government Law collection provides an overview Law in Local Government. In addition, the collections addresses some of the current challenges that affect communities across British Columbia
  17. Local Government Leadership Academy First Nations Relations Collection
    A collection of documents from the Local Gorvernment Leadership Academy surrounding First Nations Relations within a local government context. 
  18. Local Government Finance
    The Local Government FInance collection provides an understanding of the role that finance plays in Local Government in BC.
  19. Local Government In British Columbia 101
    This collection is intended to provide a series of documents that provides overviews of the functions of Local Government in British Columbia.
  20. Media Relations
    A collection that focuses on the role that Local Government plays with the media.
  21. Meeting Procedures
    The Meeting Procedures Collection provides insights and best practices in regards to how Local Governments conduct meetings in British Columbia.
  22. Municipalities & Regional Districts
    This collection looks at the differences between Municipalities and Regional Districts
  23. Open Data
    The Open Data collection provides resources related to making information publicly accessible. The documents in this collection look to provide better way to increase transparency and accountability in a simplified manner.
  24. Planning Guides
    The resources in this database provide legal mechanisms, innovative policies, and best practices that planners can use to help their communities adapt to climate change, protect green infrastructure, and carry out sustainable land and water use practices.
  25. Practices and Innovations
    The Community Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate UBCM members that have implemented projects or programs that demonstrate excellence in meeting the purposes of local government in BC. The awards are designed to profile promising practices and to encourage local governments to learn from the success of other members in order to implement changes in their own communities.
  26. Roles & Responsibilities
    This collection looks at the roles and responsibilities within the relationship that exists between elected officials and local government staff members.
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