Board of Examiners Reports

The documents in this collection are submissions made to the Board of Examiners as a requirement for the Certificate in Local Government Executive Management. These research papers provide unique perspectives on the local government management challenges faced by CAO’s, including providing solutions and insights that may be beneficial to others.

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2008 August - The Westhills LEED ND Pilot in Langford BC - A Case Study

Author: Buchan, Rob
Posting Date: March 11, 2015
Year Published: 2015
Rob Buchan, Clerk Administrator, City of Langford
This paper reviews the innovative actions undertaken by the City of Langford In neighbourhood planning. In 2005, staff were called upon to approach neighbourhood planning in a new and different way for an area of land called the Westhills Green Community. This paper examines the new planning tools that were implemented, the partnerships that were developed to assist in achieving these new goals, identifying and assigning staff resources for the project, and ensuring that the appropriate administrative structures where in place to implement the development of the Westhills plan.
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