Board of Examiners Reports

The documents in this collection are submissions made to the Board of Examiners as a requirement for the Certificate in Local Government Executive Management. These research papers provide unique perspectives on the local government management challenges faced by CAO’s, including providing solutions and insights that may be beneficial to others.

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2010 March - The Evolution of a Municipal Servicing Agreement Framework between the City of Salmon Arm and the Adams Lake Indian Band

Posting Date: June 7, 2011
Year Published: 2011
Carl Bannister, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Salmon Arm
Prior to 1993, the City of Salmon Arm provided municipal services to portions of two reserves located with the City. In 1993 the Adams Lake Indian Band proceeded to levy and collect taxes and to enforce the payment of taxes on reserve land, while the City received no revenue. A court decision concluded that the City would have to continue to provide these services on a fee-for-service basis. Various agreements addressing water, sewer, fire protection, road maintenance and transit have evolved since then. This paper reviews the background leading to the inception of the Municipal Servicing Agreement (MSA) Framework, provides details on the various amendments that have been made to the MSA along with identifying the challenges in doing so, and concludes by identifying some potential future amendments.
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