Board of Examiners Reports

The documents in this collection are submissions made to the Board of Examiners as a requirement for the Certificate in Local Government Executive Management. These research papers provide unique perspectives on the local government management challenges faced by CAO’s, including providing solutions and insights that may be beneficial to others.

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2006 June - The Tale of an Ailing Lumber Giant and its Relationship with the City of Terrace

Author: Poole, Ron
Posting Date: March 9, 2015
Year Published: 2015
Ron Poole, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Terrace
This paper deals with how the City of Terrace handled the receivership of the pulp mill company New Skeena Forest Products and its impact on the community. The central issues were how to recoup taxes owed to the municipality from a bankrupt company which had traditionally been heavily relied upon as the city`s tax base, and how to retain jobs in the community. The paper explains how a municipality can be creative using the Local Government Act and the Community Charter to think outside the box and break `taboos` in the interest of saving a community.
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