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Employment Partnership: 3-1-1 and ACCESS

Contributor: Vancouver (City)
Year: 2015
Category: Partnerships
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Nominee - Partnerships
Short Description:
City of Vancouver’s partnership with Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS)’s Essential Skills for Aboriginal Futures (ESAF) program provided a unique opportunity to build community connections and contribute to capacity building and positive employment outcomes within the Aboriginal community. The partnership sought to train and hire Aboriginal applicants for 3-1-1’s Green Team Ambassadors (GTA) call centre positions. The program is noteworthy, as it focused on skills development and job readiness of Aboriginal applicants to a specific 3-1-1 job requirement, with development and implementation of a fifteen-week intensive training program with active participation of 3-1-1 recruiting staff. This partnership was a win-win situation as 311 Contact Center was able to fill a workload demand with skilled employees trained on their specific requirements and candidates were able to develop relevant skills for current and future opportunities. The initiative proved highly successful, and has provided a model for future partnerships.  
Last Reviewed: August 13, 2016, 11:49 am