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Local Government Toolkit for Invasive Plant Management

Invasive Species Council of BC
Published: 2010
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The toolkit includes information on: why local government should be involved in invasive plant management; local government jurisdiction and enabling legislation, non-regulatory approaches, example bylaws and initiatives, and further resources. The toolkit is intended to help minimize negative ecological, social and economic impacts caused by the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive plants.  Steps or considerations in invasive plant management are explained and include: public outreach; prevention; land owner and land manager incentives; early detection rapid response; inventory and data management; prioritization and planning; treatment; disposal and monitoring; and regulation. The toolkit outlines questions to consider before developing regulations in order to help scope the purpose of the bylaw and enforcement options.
Subject Area(s):
  • Environment
  • Invasive Species
  • Invasive Species Management Plan
  • Background Information
  • Flow Charts
  • List of Resources
  • Sample Bylaw Language
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