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January 5, 2023, 3:07 pm

Coquitlam Programs and Events Benefit from $200k Boost from Business Partners

City of Coquitlam
COQUITLAM – Coquitlam events and programs will get a $200,000 boost in 2023, thanks to the City’s Corporate Partner Program, which offers many benefits to sponsors and generates revenue for the City.

Council has allocated funds from the City’s Sponsorship Reserve to support 14 City programs and events in 2023 with entertainment, activities, prizes and other enhancements. The reserve is funded through Coquitlam’s Corporate Partners program, which started in 2014 and creates custom sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.  

Thanks to partnerships with businesses such as Coquitlam Centre, Emperor Stone and Marcon Developments, the City can contribute non-tax funding to enhance well-loved community events, including Canada Day, the Kaleidoscope Arts Festival, and the Lights at Lafarge Kick-off. Similarly, contributions from Corporate Partners are being used to enhance offerings for seniors, as well as for the Block Party and Natural Play programs. 

Contributions from Corporate Partners have also been used to fund the 2023 Tree Spree awareness program, fall public skate events, Accessibility Week programs, and hygiene care packages.

The Corporate Partners program gives local businesses the opportunity to build stronger ties with the community, as well as to increase their profile while enhancing local events and programs. The benefit to partners is evident by the growth of the program over time, totalling more than $1 million in cash or in-kind value to the community since 2014.  

Coquitlam offers its corporate partners a broad choice of events, promotional activities and partnership levels, including custom offerings aligned to their target audience, goals and budget. 

One example is Aspira Retirement Living, which sponsored Coquitlam’s Seniors Week activities in 2022 and has already signed up to support Seniors Week and other seniors’ social events in 2023 and 2024.

Throughout Seniors Week, local seniors benefited from enhanced activities, prizes and refreshments provided through the sponsorship, while Aspira representatives were able to make meaningful connections and educate local seniors about their retirement communities. The company sees its continuing sponsorship with Coquitlam as an opportunity to continue building those relationships.

Looking ahead to 2023 events and programs, businesses who serve Coquitlam are invited to connect with the City’s Corporate Partners team to explore marketing and partnership opportunities that would allow them to build community connections.

Launched in 2014, Coquitlam's Corporate Partners program builds relationships with the business community and provides revenue to enhance City events, programs and services. Benefits for corporate partners include direct public exposure, a variety of marketing and engagement opportunities, recognition in print and online, and positive relationships with the community. Packages are customized to meet the partners' needs and current program and service offerings. 

For information, visit or contact 604-927-3538 or [email protected].

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