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Office of the Merit Commissioner

Provincial Independent Office
The Office of the Merit Commissioner provides oversight and insight into the conduct of merit-based hiring in the BC Public Service. We conduct this work by randomly auditing staffing appointments, conducting audits of specific appointment types, conducting studies, and reviewing appointment decisions upon request by employee applicants. 

The Office is also responsible for reviewing dismissal processes for just cause in the BC Public Service to ensure compliance and consistency with government practices, policies and standards.

The Office of the Merit Commissioner informs leaders, hiring managers, employees and the public of its findings through reports and studies, and delivers presentations to increase awareness about the role of the Office and merit-based hiring. 

The Merit Commissioner is an independent officer reporting directly to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.
Mail: PO Box 9037 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC, V8W 9A3
Street: Suite 502 - 947 Fort Street
Phone: 250-953-4208
Fax: 250-953-4160
 [email protected]

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