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Posted: Monday, January 30, 2017

Clean Energy Vehicle Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive

Ministry of Energy and Mines
Clean Energy Vehicle Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive
This program is designed to support fleets by incentivizing the adoption of electric vehicles in a variety of vehicle applications including motorcycles, low-speed vehicles and unique service vehicles, hereafter referred to as specialty-use vehicles.

This program targets specialty-use vehicles that are not included in the CEVforBC vehicle incentive program: if a vehicle is included in the CEVforBC vehicle incentive program, or would be eligible under the CEV Program but has been excluded due to a MSRP greater than $77,000, it is not eligible for the Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive Program.   As with all CEV programs, conversions are not eligible under the Specialty-Use Program.

This incentive program is focused on supporting businesses and fleets in adopting specialty-use clean energy vehicles. Individuals may not apply for this program, only applications in the name of a business, non-profit, or public entity will be accepted.  The program will run until March 31st, 2018 or until available funding is depleted (whichever comes first).

Eligible Applicants
To be eligible for the program, the purchaser / lessee of the vehicle must be a business, non-profit, or public entity that is based in British Columbia or has a British Columbia-based affiliate. All businesses must be licensed to operate in British Columbia. When submitting an application to the program a copy of a valid B.C. business license must be provided.

Eligible Vehicles  
Vehicle models will be approved by the Ministry and placed on a List of Eligible Vehicle Models. A continuously updated list of eligible vehicles will be maintained on the website. Vehicle manufacturers must submit a Vehicle Eligibility Application to the Ministry to have a vehicle(s) considered for program eligibility.
There are 4 categories of specialty-use vehicles eligible for incentives under the program:

Vehicle Type and Fuel Type
  1. Electric Motorcycles:  Battery Electric
  2. Low-speed Vehicle:  Battery Electric
  3. On road Medium Duty:  Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid/Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  4. Airport and Port Specialty Vehicles:  Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid/Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Eligible Vehicles List:
To download a PDF of eligible vehicles list click here

Vehicle Incentive:
This program provides the purchaser or lessee of an eligible vehicle an incentive depending on the vehicle type purchased. The incentive amounts will be reviewed annually to determine if they are appropriate for the marketplace. MEM will adjust the incentive amounts as necessary based on market performance.

Vehicle Type and Incentive Amount
  1. Battery ElectricElectric Motorcycle:  $2,000
  2. Battery ElectricLow-speed Vehicle15.9 kWh and below: $2,000
  3. 16 kWh and above: $5,000
  4. Battery Electric/ Plug-in Hybrid/ Hydrogen Fuel CellOn road Medium and Heavy DutyMSRP below $300,000: $20,000
  5. MSRP above $300,000: $50,000
  6. Battery Electric/ Plug-in Hybrid/ Hydrogen Fuel CellAirport and Port Specialty VehiclesMSRP below $300,000: $20,000
  7. MSRP above $300,000: $50,000
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Contact Name: Ministry of Energy and Mines, Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive Program
Contact Phone: 1-800-663-7867 (General Enquiries)
Contact Email:
Subject Area(s): Environmental Protection and Management
Last Reviewed: January 31, 2017, 2:44 pm
Deadline: Saturday, March 31, 2018
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