Election Results

CivicInfo BC provides a central repository for local election information in British Columbia. With assistance from local Chief Election Officers, CivicInfo BC assembles all-candidate lists, and on election nights we provide full results to the public and our media partners.

Archived results are available for the last three local general elections:

About Local Elections in BC

In a typical general local election, there are approximately 3,300 candidates who run for 1,650 positions across British Columbia.  In contrast, there were 376 candidates who ran for office in BC's 2013 Provincial Election, and there were 1,587 who ran in the 2011 Canadian Federal Election.

Province-wide, the estimated eligible voter turnout for BC's 2014 municipal elections, not including regional district electoral areas or school districts, was 33.3%.  For regional district electoral areas, the estimated eligible voter turnout was 22.8%.

The next local general election will be held in October 2018.

Unlike provincial and federal elections, local government elections in BC are not run by a single organization. CivicInfo BC is one of several authorities that play a role, and links to others appear below.

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