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Under One Umbrella: Practical Approaches for Reducing Flood Risks in Canada

Posting Date: January 1, 2020
Year Published: 2020
Presented as a “one - stop - shop” for practical and cost - effective ways to alleviate the risk of future floods, the report’s key message is that Canadians already have the tools they need to protect lives and property from flooding. This report outlines practical approaches to limit flood risk in Canada, summarizing best practices from national guidelines and standards applicable to: Residents, governments, federal government and agencies, architects, developers, home builders, home renovation specialists , insurance brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, home inspectors, retailers, landscaping professionals, commercial real estate owners/managers, conservation and watershed authorities, environmental not - for - profit organizations, neighbourhood associations, local community groups, local utility companies, institutional investors, and professional regulatory bodies
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