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Posted: March 28, 2024, 3:00 pm

Active Transportation Network Plan

Village of Kaslo


Village of Kaslo
Request for Proposal
#2024-05 Active Transportation Network Plan


The Village of Kaslo, BC (the “Village”) is seeking Proposals from qualified consultants to develop our Active Transportation Network Plan (ATNP).
The Services shall, in all respects, comply with this Request for Proposal.
Proposals shall be submitted by interested parties (“Proponents”) to the Manager of Strategic Initiatives NO LATER THAN 12:00 p.m. Local Time, FRIDAY, April 26th, 2024 (“the Closing Time”) at the following address:

Village of Kaslo Attention: Colin Hawkins
413 Fourth Street
PO Box 567
Kaslo, BC, V0G 1M0
Email: [email protected]

The time for closing will be conclusively deemed to be the time shown on the clock used by the Village for this purpose.

Proponents are requested to submit one digital copy of their proposal (“Proposal”) in Adobe PDF Format. The size of the PDF document should not exceed 9.8 MB to ensure successful transmittal by email.
Proponents are requested to deliver proposal by email to [email protected].  Please include Village of Kaslo RFP #2024-05 Active Transportation Network Plan in the subject line. It is the responsibility of the Proponent to confirm that the Village has received the Proposal.

The Village of Kaslo accepts no responsibility for lost, misdirected, or incomplete Proposals.


Inquiries and questions during the request for proposal period will be accepted until April 10th, 2024, 12pm Local Time. All should be directed to Colin Hawkins, Manager of Strategic Initiatives by email to: h[email protected]. Inquires and responses will be recorded and may be distributed to all Proponents at the discretion of the Village. Clarifications, comments, revisions, or any other information regarding this RFP obtained by the Proponent from any source other than from the Contact Person is not authorized and should not be relied upon.

All subsequent information regarding this RFP including changes made to this document will be posted on BC Bid for proponents to access. It is solely the responsibility of the Proponent to check BC Bid from time to time to ensure that they have all amendments to this RFP in the form of addenda and to ensure that they have obtained, read, and understood the entire RFP including all addenda that may have been issued prior to Closing.
The Village is a community with a population of approximately 1,050 residents and was awarded a 50% cost-sharing grant from the Province of British Columbia for development of an Active Transportation Plan.
The project will develop an ATNP for the Village of Kaslo which aligns with the Village’s Official Community Plan and Council’s Strategic Vision for safety, accessibility, and healthy living.

  • Community Profile – providing a clear profile of the population, economic drivers, geography, and weather, along with main destination points and land use.
  • Strategic Context – How ATNP supports the Village’s community goals and aligns with BC’s Clean BC goals.
  • Data Collection – Current state (baseline) of walking and cycling in the community, highlight known crash sites and any current safety issues. Current cumulative km’s of AT infrastructure.
  • Potential GHG emissions reductions
  • Community consultation, including consultation with key stakeholders, summarising the consultation process, results, and any future commitments.
  • Plan & Implementation:
    • Mapping including existing active transportation infrastructure and where residents currently walk or ride.
    • Include proposed AT infrastructure.
    • Include maintenance of infrastructure post construction.
    • Implementation Plan, including Capital costs and Cost planning.
    • Prioritization of phases.
    • Funding and funding opportunities.
    • Construction scheduling.
    • Maintenance planning and asset management recording.
    • Year over year GHG emissions reduction.
    • Infrastructure design and cross sections with reference to B.C Active Transportation Design Guides.

The following items must be included in the proposal submission and will be used as the basis for evaluation of the proposal:

  • Qualifications of the primary project consultant and other individuals who would be involved in the project. A clear indication of the role of the primary consultant and other individuals involved and both the percentage of time and the components of the project each would be involved in.
  • Description of experience with creation of active transportation plans and other relevant experience.
  • Methodology – a work plan including the proposed method of creating the Plan including a timeline for the project. It should be noted that the Village’s goal is to have this completed by September 2024.
  • Assurance that the consultant is not in a position, which may be perceived as a conflict of interest with respect to undertaking this project.
  • The total cost to complete the work including all taxes and disbursements.
  • Samples of other reports of a similar nature that have been prepared by the firm and experience that the team members have worked together on other projects.

Proposals will be reviewed that address all, or part, of the scope of work identified in this request, and the Village reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, or to accept any proposal in whole or in part.


The following evaluation criteria will be used in the selection process:

  • Proposed methodology.
  • Consultant’s understanding of the context, issues, and the ultimate objectives of the project.
  • Experience and qualifications of those involved.
  • Fees and disbursements.
  • Schedule.
  • Reference checks.

The Village shall evaluate the Proposals received and shall award the project to obtain the result that, at the Village’s sole discretion and opinion, is financially and functionally prudent, best meets its current needs, provides the best value, and is assured of the Proponent’s professional expertise to complete the Active Transportation Network Plan
The final decision on awarding this tender will be made by Village of Kaslo Council at their regularly scheduled meeting.
The Manager of Strategic Initiatives through the CAO shall make a recommendation to Council based on the bid evaluation. The Village reserves the right to not award the project to the lowest price or to accept any Proposal if none comply with budgeted cost, requirements or timeline, and the Village shall have no liability to the Proponents.

The Manager of Strategic Initiatives shall notify the Signee of the Successful Proponent by telephone or e-mail of the final decision. The Successful Proponent and the Manager of Strategic Initiatives or his designate shall formalize a written contract for completion of the project that is satisfactory to both parties, including terms of performance and payment, failing which the Village may offer the project to the next Proponent. The Village shall provide a Purchase Order number to the Proponent for billing purposes. Terms and schedule of payment shall be specified in the contract.
Despite the payment terms arranged between the Proponent and Village by contract, the Village shall have the right to withhold up to 10% of the project price upon completion of the project for 60 days or until such time as any identified deficiencies are addressed by the Successful Proponent.

If the Successful Proponent does not honour their Proposal, the Proponent and the Village are unable to execute a mutually agreeable contract, or the Proponent substantially fails to meet the expectations of the Village up to and including satisfactory completion of the project the Village may cancel the contract and offer the project to the next Proponent or may cancel the project. The Village shall only be liable for payment of the work completed to that date and any work completed shall become the property of the Village. The Village shall have no liability to the Proponent for consequential or inconsequential damages in such event. Such Proponent may be disqualified from future opportunities with the Village.
All Proponents will be required to be in good standing with WorkSafeBC and carry a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance satisfactory to the Village, having the Village of Kaslo as additional named insured. The Successful Proponent shall be responsible for all related costs including travel, accommodation and meals, such costs shall be included in the Bid Price. The Successful Proponent shall have or obtain a Village of Kaslo or Inter-Municipal Business License.

By submitting a proposal, the Proponent indicates their complete understanding of the project.
The official point of contact for this RFP is Colin Hawkins, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, 250-353-2311. The Manager of Strategic Initiatives may refer questions to Village staff, or others for clarification, but otherwise Proponents must not directly contact any Village employees or Members of Council. Such communication shall disqualify the Proponent from further consideration in this opportunity.

Communications with the Manager of Strategic Initiatives should be in writing, preferably via e-mail. Verbal communications will not be binding on the Village. Proponents shall review the RFP and shall promptly report and request clarification of any discrepancy, deficiency, ambiguity, error, inconsistency, or omission contained therein.


Location: Kaslo
Organization: Kaslo (Village)
Opportunity Type: Request for Proposals
Professional Categories: Mapping & Surveying, Planning, Land Use, Property, & Real Estate, Transportation & Traffic Systems, Management Consulting
Expires: April 26, 2024, 12:00 pm
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