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Posted: March 8, 2019, 9:03 am

Whiffin Spit Pathway Reclamation

District of Sooke

District of Sooke

Invitation to Submit Quote

Whiffin Spit Pathway Reclamation

The District of Sooke is seeking quotations for the Whiffin Spit Pathway Reclamation. In accordance with the Purchasing and Disposal of Assets Policy No. 5.6, the District is required to obtain a minimum of three (3) telephone or written quotations for works under $10,000.

This public invitation is to ensure that every qualified Contractor has an opportunity to submit a quotation. The works involve cleaning up a number of washout areas, involving machine excavation and placement of stumps, logs, boulders, and gravels.

The full scope of work will be explained at a mandatory site meeting taking place at the Whiffin Spit parking lot at 11:00am on Thursday, March 14th. Any contractor wishing to submit a quotation must attend this meeting.

Quotations will be due by Friday, March 22nd at 3:00pm

Quotations may be hand delivered or submitted via email to the contact person listed below. For all questions and other enquiries, please contact:

Paul Butterfield
District of Sooke
2205 Otter Point Road
Sooke, BC V9Z1J2
Phone : (250) 642-1631

Location: Sooke
Region: South Vancouver Island
Business Categories: Marine Construction, Repairs & Maintenance
Expires: March 22, 2019, 3:00 pm