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Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia

Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia

Professional Association
Mail: P.O. Box 29089, Halifax, NS, B3L 4T8
Phone: unknown
The Licensed Professional Planners Associations of Nova Scotia (LPPANS) represents professional planners in Nova Scotia. Professional planners are charged with the key question of sustainability in our communities and regions through the management of land, resources, and facilities. Professional planners are concerned with the public good: health, aesthetics, equity and efficiency. We practice in an ethical and responsible manner.

Private, public, and not-for-profit organizations face questions that may be referred to a professional planner. Planning and planners are frequently used terms but a Licensed Professional Planner is a professional from whom you should expect competent, professional, and unbiased advice. Only licensed members of LPPANS in good standing may use the title Licensed Professional Planner (LPP).

Members who hold the title LPP are also Full Members in good standing with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and use the designation MCIP. LPPANS is a Provincial & Territorial Institute & Association (PTIA) of CIP; and, the Nova Scotia provincial branch of the Atlantic Planners Institute (API). API is an association of professional planners in the four Atlantic provinces. API is also a PTIA of CIP.

Conduct of the Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia is controlled by the NS Professional Planners Act and the LPPANS Bylaw.
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