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  1. Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors (Professional Association)
    301 - 2400 Bevan Avenue
    Sidney, BC, V8L 1W1.
    Phone: 250-655-7222
     [email protected]
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  2. Association of Professional Biology (Association)
    300 - 1095 McKenzie Avenue
    Victoria, BC,  V8P2L5.
    Phone: (250) 483-4283
     [email protected]
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  3. Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Vancouver Island (Professional Association)
    PO Box 8005
    Victoria, BC, V8W 3R7.
    Phone: 250-208-4464
     [email protected]
  4. Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (Local Government Agency)
    P.O. Box 28058
    Victoria, BC, V9B 6K8.
    Phone: 236-237-1202
     [email protected]
  5. BC Aboriginal Network On Disability Society (First Nations Agency)
    1179 Kosapsum Crescent
    Victoria, BC, V9A 7K7.
    Phone: 250-381-7303
     [email protected]
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  6. BC Healthy Communities (Local Government Agency)
    300 - 722 Cormorant St.
    Victoria, BC, V8W 1P8.
    Phone: 250-590-8442
     [email protected]
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  7. BC Sustainable Energy Association (Trade or Industry Association)
    PO Box 44104 Gorge Plaza
    Victoria, BC, V9A 7K1.
    Phone: 250-744-2720
     [email protected]
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  8. Camosun College (Post Secondary Institute)
    3100 Foul Bay Road
    Victoria, BC, V8P 5J2.
    Phone: 250-370-3000
     [email protected]
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  9. Capital Region Emergency Services Telecommunications (Local Government Agency)
    Unit 110, 2944 West Shore Parkway
    Victoria, BC, V9B 0B2.
    Phone: 250-391-6552
     [email protected]
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  10. CivicInfo BC (Local Government Agency)
    203-4475 Viewmont Avenue
    Victoria, BC, V8Z 6L8.
    Phone: 250-383-4898
     [email protected]
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