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April 21, 2017, 8:30 am

City of Prince George Reinvesting in Civic Playgrounds

City of Prince George

PRINCE GEORGE - Dozens of Prince George playgrounds built and installed in civic parks decades ago no longer meet the standards set out by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). In response, the City of Prince George is reinvesting in its civic playground infrastructure.

The City’s five-year Playground Plan outlines the schedule for replacing 25 of the City’s 66 playgrounds with CSA-compliant equipment. The Plan also involves the removal of 20 playgrounds, though the locations will remain as parkland or open green spaces. The Plan does not include school playgrounds.
“The Playground Plan will help to ensure CSA standards and levels of quality are met now and in the future,” says the City’s Manager of Parks and Solid Waste, Sean LeBrun. “The Plan aims to improve playground conditions, safety, and maintenance, and includes a five-year strategy to ensure Prince George has a reliable inventory of CSA-compliant equipment that is safe for community use.”
The City is working on a request for proposal (RFP) for the supply and installation of new play equipment at four existing playgrounds: Byng Park, St. Mary’s Park, North College Park, and Eaglenest Park. Construction of the new play equipment is scheduled to take place in August, 2017, with a completion date set for September.
Next month, Parks staff will begin removing non-CSA compliant playground equipment from the 20 parks identified through the playgrounds assessment as being the lowest priority for reinvestment according to the Park Strategy, which was approved by Council in January. Priorities were identified and set based on condition, public consultation, and distribution of parks city-wide. Once a playground is removed, the affected parks will continue to be maintained as a City parks or greenbelts. City staff will distribute brochures to residences in the adjacent neighbourhoods prior to the removal of any play equipment.
The Park Strategy commits to an annual update to Council each fall. The City’s Playground Plan brochure and information about the Park Strategy can be found on the City’s website.

Media contact:

Michael Kellett
Senior Communications Officer
City of Prince George
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