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Posted: August 2, 2019

Innovative Zero Emissions Wood Buildings

Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA)
VICA has partnered with ZEBx (Vancouver Zero Emissions Building Centre of Excellence) to deliver a collaborative, technical workshop focused on identifying solutions for innovative wood technologies. Join us!
  • Collaborate with experts across industry sectors
  • Resolve persistent barriers
  • Streamline the adoption and design process for wood buildings in BC
What participants will take away from the workshop:

​Workshop participants will collaborate across industry silos to test and identify effective solutions for designing high-performance wood buildings in BC that may include a range of design details, technical references, spec language and/or regulatory approaches.

This is a working session. We have assembled a selection of technical and regulatory challenges gathered from consultation with practitioners working on complex high-performance multi-family, commercial and institutional projects.

Case study projects include:
  • Hybrid mixed-use MURB
  • Multi-tenant office
  • Seniors Housing
  • Mixed-use Retail / Commercial
By the end of this workshop you will have the opportunity to:
  • Share knowledge and exchange ideas with colleagues across industry sectors;
  • Establish best practice solutions (e.g. to standardize where many interpretations or alternative solutions currently exist);
  • Validate approaches from elsewhere for application in BC;
  • Develop affordable / constructible / simplified solutions to situations of complexity, redundancy or expense;
  • Pinpoint regulatory or technical challenges that stand in the way of widespread application of a wood solution and pathway to resolution;
  • Highlight opportunities for academic or applied R&D to resolve intractable barriers to the widespread adoption of wood; and
  • Solve pressing design problems currently standing in the way of high-performance buildings.
Course fee includes:  Lunch, digital certificate provided upon successful course completion, and course material provided by the instructor in-class.

Public Pricing: $190.00


***Registration: ZEBx is coordinating registrations for this workshop on the Eventbrite website

VICA Registration

Date: September 26, 2019
Event Type: Course
Location: Victoria, BC
Region: South Vancouver Island
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