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Posted: April 2, 2019

Construction Law

Construction Industry Training Network
Participants will develop an understanding of contract law as it relates to construction and the various CCDC/CCA and other contracts used within the industry. Participants will also learn how the BC Builders Lien Act works and the other legal means to resolve construction disputes and avoid litigation. At the end of the course participants will be able to:

Understand the basics of contract law –intention, offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity and legality
Be familiar with various CCDC/CCA contracts -how and why they are used
Be familiar with various legal terms used in contracts
Understand the contract responsibilities of various parties
Understand the bidding process and contractual obligations
Define back charges and how to avoid them
Avoid construction disputes and claims from the site level
Write RFIs and Change Orders 
Understand the dispute resolution process – negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation
Use the Builder’s Lien Act to obtain security
Use the small claims process to collect debts
Understand environmental law and how it impacts projects
Understand safety law and it impacts construction companies
Understand how specifications and drawings fit within the contractual hierarchy
Understand the contractual relationship between contractor and sub-contractor 
Compile and submit proper extras and claims
Topics to be covered:
The basic concepts of contract law
CCA, CCDC and other contracts
Legal terms used in contracts
Bidding process and contractual obligations
Specifications, drawings and the contractual hierarchy
Contractual relationships between contractor and sub-contractor 
Compiling and submitting proper extras and claims
Defining back charges and how to avoid them
Avoiding construction disputes and claims from the site level
Writing RFIs and Change Orders 
The dispute resolution process
The Builder’s Lien Act
The Small Claims process
Environmental law
Safety legislation and regulations
Two days (16 hours) of lessons with instructors plus an online portion involving research, reading and answering questions (7-8 hours) that will be marked by the instructors.

To receive your CPD accredited certificate you must complete the online portion after the 2 day course.
Tim Williams MBA, B.Econ., CPA, GSC, is the President of BGC Partners Inc. Tim has worked with numerous construction companies for over twenty years. He is a Gold Seal Certified project manager. He is an experienced and sought after trainer who has trained construction owners and managers on behalf of construction industry associations across Western Canada.
David Letkemann BBA, LLB, is a partner at Linley Welwood. David practices in the field of civil litigation, including personal injury, commercial, estate and construction law. He is an experienced litigator having participated in numerous trials in the BC Supreme Court and has also appeared before the Court of Appeal on several occasions.

Registration: https://citn.simplesignup.ca/3889

Date: April 29 - 30, 2019
Event Type: Course
Location: Burnaby, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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