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Posted: June 11, 2020, 10:32 am

Agassiz Slough Floodbox Upgrade: Engineering Services

District of Kent

Agassiz Slough Floodbox Upgrade: Engineering Services

Request for Proposals

The District of Kent (District) was recently awarded funding to undertake the removal and upgrade of the Agassiz Slough Floodbox including the addition of a fish-friendly flood gate. The District is advertising a Request for Proposal (RFP) to seek a qualified engineering consultant (Consultant) to provide engineering services for the project.  As the District hopes to partner with existing environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to receive and distribute additional funds from government grants (such as the BC Salmon Restoration Innovation Fund), the replacement should have demonstrable benefits to fish passage, in addition to its primary objectives of flow conveyance from the Agassiz Slough and flood prevention during the Fraser River freshet.

The project will be broken into five phases: Investigation, Design, Tendering, Construction and Reporting. The project is expected to span over two years (2020-2022).

This year (2020), the consultant shall prepare a “shelf-ready” project for the District, including preparation of “Issued for Construction” design drawings, tender documents and a Class B cost estimate.

Next year (2021-2022), the consultant will be responsible for tendering the project and providing construction administration and inspection services.


The Agassiz Slough Floodbox, located in the District of Kent approximately 2 kilometers south of Agassiz, BC, (Appendix A) conveys flows from the Agassiz Slough through the dike and out into the Fraser River. The floodbox drains approximately 8 km2 of land and receives most of the stormwater discharge from the Agassiz townsite itself.

The current floodbox was installed in the early 1970’s and is due for replacement. The current corrugated steel culvert is 1 meter in diameter, 50 m long and includes a top hinged flap gate which is not fully functional nor fish friendly.

Replacement of the Agassiz Slough Floodbox would achieve the following objectives:

  • Better convey increasing flow from the developing and expanding townsite;
  • Replace the current culvert at the end of its useful life; and
  • Improve fish passage with a fish-friendly flood gate.
    • Flood gate should have a “default-open” position, as opposed to traditional flood gates which are “default-closed”.
    • Incorporate one of several existing self-regulating flood gate designs (using floats, counter weights, side-hinges to allow fish passage), a manually opened/closed sluice style grate, or create an innovative design that provides both fish passage and flood control.
    • Any design should also factor in the design of adjacent rip-rap, headwalls, or pools near intake/outlet of the flood gate, to ensure these are fish-friendly as well.

Pleased see the attached link for a complete project description and submission requirements.

Request for Proposal
Addendum #1

Location: Agassiz
Organization: Kent (District)
Opportunity Type: Request for Proposals
Professional Categories: Engineering & Applied Science
Expires: July 7, 2020, 4:00 pm
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