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Posted: June 25, 2019, 2:51 pm

Consultant Services for Regional FireSmart Framework and Outreach

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary



Consultant Services For Regional FireSmart Framework and Outreach 

Project Background information
The Regional FireSmart project includes the development and delivery of a comprehensive Wildfire Prevention & FireSmart Education and Outreach Program focused on homeowners, small businesses and agriculture producers. Development will be based on best practices developed by FireSmart BC, FireSmart Canada, BC Wildfire service, local authorities and industry leaders. The program will have a focus on efforts homeowners, small businesses and agricultural producers can take to reduce their individual risk to wildfires.

Scope of Work
The successful proponent with be required to work with the Regional District Board of Directors, Emergency Program staff and the public in the development of the Community Outreach Plan  and Regional FireSmart Framework. The final product is intended to be a guiding document on the delivery of the wildfire mitigation information for the RDKB Board of Directors and RDKB Staff to use in future grant opportunities and the delivery of FireSmart projects.

Phase 1
Using current FireSmart information and practices the successfully proponent will create a FireSmart Public Education Outreach plan to be used in phase 2 for delivery in 2019. This may involve meetings with elected officials, RDKB staff and other agencies.

Phase 2
Deliver Wildfire Prevention & FireSmart Public Education Outreach Program to the following priority groups: 1.) homeowners, 2.) small businesses 3.) agricultural producers through engagement with local municipalities and community groups/associations. Delivery of the public outreach program may be accomplished by: FireSmart residential assessments attending public markets or community events, hosting Wildfire Community Preparedness days, community FireSmart days, FireSmart events and workshops among other delivery methods that have been determined during Phase one of the project.

Phase 3
Using the current CWPP's, stakeholder and Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) engagement the successful proponent will assess the needs and develop a long-term Wildfire Prevention & FireSmart Public Education Outreach Strategy & Program. This framework will give clear direction and a plan to the RDKB on how best engage the public on the topic of FireSmart and Wildfire prevention and how best to deliver a FireSmart program. This document will also be the foundation for future grant application.

Phase 4
The successful proponent will develop final reporting on FireSmart activities that took place throughout the project including detailed reporting on the FireSmart Public Education Outreach Program and Prevention & FireSmart Public Education Outreach Framework and the process that were used to develop the documents. Final costs should be included in this report.

Phase 5
Upon completion of phases 1 - 4 the RDKB will evaluate the project and work received from the successful proponent. Funding dependent the RDKB may endeavor to continue FireSmart educational activities with in the RDKB with the current proponent. In these cases the RDKB would request pricing from the successful proponent to undertake all new activity over the next two years.

The anticipated scheduled per phase is indicated in the table below. Actual scheduling may vary based on approvals of each phase through progression of the FireSmart Framework project.

Award RFP
July 2019

Phase 1 – Community Outreach Plan (develop with Board of Directors)
Late summer 2019

Phase 2 - Public Engagement/Education
Late summer / Fall 2019

Phase 3 - Regional FireSmart Framework
November 2019

Phase 4 – Final Reporting
April 2020

Phase 5 – Ongoing Public Engagement/Education
November 2020 and 2021 Pending Funding

The schedule required for the completion of the framework is targeted for November 2019, Public engagement and final reporting completed by April 1, 2020.
Only firms that can commit to this completion time should submit a proposal. 

Complete copies of your proposal must be submitted and titled “RFP –RDKB Regional FireSmart Framework” no later than 12:00 hrs. PST, July 18 25, 2019.

Proposals will be accepted as a hard copy OR via email to:

Mark Stephens, Interim Manager of Emergency Programs
Regional District of Kootenay Boundary
202 – 843 Rossland Avenue
Trail, BC.
V1R 4S8
Phone: (250) 368 0257

Request for Proposals

Location: Trail
Region: West Kootenay / Boundary
Business Categories: General Consulting,Fire Protection
Expires: July 25, 2019, 12:00 pm