Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors

Address #301-2400 Bevan Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 1W1
Phone 250-655-7222
Fax 250-655-7223
Business Type Mapping & Surveying


R.Chad Rintoul - Chief Administrative Officer 
Chuck Salmon, BCLS - Secretary-Registrar


The Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors is established under provincial statute and is the self-governing licensing body which administers admission into the profession and regulates the conduct of its members. Practicing members of the Association are British Columbia land surveyors, identified by the initials "BCLS".

British Columbia Land Surveyors are charged with the responsibility of carrying out all cadastral surveys within the Province of British Columbia, which include surveys of land, water and airspace, rights of way, condominiums, leases and mining claims. Under the Land Surveyors Act, only a BC land surveyor may establish or re-establish property boundaries or corners and only a BC land surveyor may provide an opinion as to the location of an improvement or feature relative to a parcel boundary or corner.

Additionally, BC land surveyors perform topographic surveys, control and engineering surveys, mortgage or form certificates, site planning and subdivision design, and can be the prime consultant or a team member in the implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS). BC land surveyors also act as expert witnesses in matters of litigation if survey determinations are in question.

Members of the Association of BC Land Surveyors have subscribed to a code of ethics and are under oath to ensure a complete and high standard of client protection. Further information and a complete list of members may be obtained from our website at

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