Practices & Innovations

Dutch Lake Community Centre

Contributor: Clearwater (District)
Year: 2015
Category: Organizational Developments & Improvements
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Winner - Best Practices (Organizational Development & Improvements)
Short Description:
The District of Clearwater was newly incorporated in 2007 and operated out of a community hall built in 1967.  The building had limited space and not accessible to citizens of the community.  Our project involved our CAO having discussions and negotiations with the School Board to acquire/lease a closed school (closed ten years).  The CAO worked with other partners to renovate this school into a community centre including municipal offices and ICBC / Motor Vehicle.  The CAO worked with and negotiated with partners to bring other organizations to realize the vision of making this school into a comprehensive community centre. This community center includes the following:  Yellowhead Community Services, Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, Thompson Nicola Regional District, Tourism Wells Gray, Wells Gray Community Forest, Service Canada, Art Gallery, Thompson Rivers University continuing education campus, Literacy and Community Recreation program, last but important the establishment of a Seniors Centre.   “Mission Accomplished” 
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