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Quesnel - Capital Reinvestment Program

Contributor: Quesnel (City)
Year: 2015
Category: Stronger Together
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Nominee - Best Practices (Stronger Together)
Short Description:
Similar to many cities, Quesnel was faced with a significant infrastructure funding deficit.  We undertook a fundamental shift managing the financial sustainability of our capital infrastructure by launching the Capital Reinvestment Program ("CRP").  Key elements are as follows: 
• An engineered inventory was developed by asset class including life cycles estimates leading to a required funding calculation. Condition assessments are ongoing.
• Public engagement at the start and throughout the initiative.
• A special levy on our tax bills was created specific to the CRP.
• Utility fees have been raised yearly by 5% since 2011.
• The initiative was branded “Quesnel Works” including signage on major projects.
• Proceeds from the Small Community Protection grant, were placed into the fund on a continuing basis.
• Starting in 2015, any excess annual surplus funds are deposited to the fund.
• Between 2015/2016 the City reduced operational expenditures by nearly 10%, diverting all the savings into the capital fund.   
Last Reviewed: August 12, 2016, 3:17 pm