Community Excellence Awards

Manning of Rural Refuse Stations

Contributor: Cariboo (Regional District)
Year: 2015
Category: Green Initiatives
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Nominee - Leadership & Innovation (Green Initiatives)
Short Description:
During the planning process for the Cariboo Regional District’s updated Solid Waste Management Plan it was apparent that the collection of waste from the Region’s busiest non-controlled rural transfer stations could be made more efficient by compacting waste on site before it was hauled to Regional Landfills.   It was also apparent that access to household recycling was needed at these sites, which would require site attendants and controlled hours of operation.    Compacting waste on site has reduced haul trips, which has significantly reduced CO2 emissions and wear and tear on haul vehicles. Recycling access and site attendants has diverted recyclables from the waste stream, further reducing the amount of waste hauled to Regional landfills, which reduces methane gas production in the landfills.   
Last Reviewed: August 12, 2016, 1:47 pm