Community Excellence Awards

Coquitlam's Erosion & Sediment Control Strategy

Contributor: Coquitlam (City)
Year: 2015
Category: Green Initiatives
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Nominee - Leadership & Innovation (Green Initiatives)
Short Description:
There has recently been a substantial increase in development activity across the City of Coquitlam (the City), which has raised concerns about erosion and sediment control (ESC) issues related to poor construction management practices in a municipality with the highest ESC risks in Metro Vancouver. In response, the City developed an enhanced ESC management strategy, including a new bylaw. The new Stream & Drainage System Protection Bylaw No. 4403, 2013 (The Bylaw) was adopted in September 2013. The Bylaw provides streamlined legislation by replacing two existing bylaws, establishes minimum standards and best management practices for all development sites, and includes proactive enforcement triggers with higher penalties to help ensure compliance through all stages of the development process. In addition, through ongoing consultation, education and outreach, staff continues to work with developers, builders and the general public to promote the City’s requirements for improved ESC management in the City. 
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