Practices & Innovations


Contributor: Campbell River (City)
Year: 2015
Category: Organizational Developments & Improvements
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Nominee - Best Practices (Organizational Development & Improvement)
Short Description:
The Employee Focused Feedback and Continuous improvement Team (EFFECT) was formed in 2012, with the intent of transitioning a dysfunctional work culture to one that was respectful and values-focused.   The initiative was implemented following a vision workshop that revealed serious issues around employee morale, communication and teamwork, and the necessity to prioritize cultural transformation work.  To make the culture shift, management created EFFECT, a coordinating committee tasked with leading our transformation work by:
• Conducting workshops to develop values for staff to live by;
• Establishing value-supportive behaviours;
• Holding each other accountable;
• Establishing formal recognition activities, and socials; 
• Providing opportunities for staff input and improved communications; 
• Providing ongoing training and team building; and
• Modeling the desired workplace culture.  
Since the EFFECT work began, a significant culture shift has taken place. We have increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, improved service delivery, and become a cohesive and collaborative team. 
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