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Underground Stormwater Infiltration Model Bylaw

Okanagan Basin Water Board
Published: 2015
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Regulatory oversight for the design and operation of underground stormwater infiltration systems occurs at the municipal level or is carried out by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. This document provides information to help local governments assess and manage the risk to groundwater quality that may be posed by underground stormwater infiltration systems. A specific bylaw can be adopted to address this matter or it can be integrated into current bylaws such as through the subdivision process.
The document includes background information on the issue, and recommends a 3-step approach that involves: assessing risk and building a risk management framework, implementing risk management strategies, and developing operating procedures. A model bylaw is provided for regulating the design and use of underground infiltration systems for onsite retention of stormwater. Example terms of reference are also provided outlining information required for an underground infiltration system plan.
Subject Areas:
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Groundwater
  • Stormwater/Rainwater
  • Sustainability
  • Water Management
  • Water Quality
  • Development Permit Area
  • Flood Management Plan
  • Groundwater Management Plan
  • Infrastructutre Plan
  • Official Community Plan
  • Regulatory Bylaw
  • Source Water Protection Plan
  • Stormwater/Rainwater Management Plan/Program
  • Zoning Bylaw
  • Background Information
  • Sample Bylaw Language
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