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The resources in this database provide legal mechanisms, innovative policies, and best practices that planners can use to help their communities adapt to climate change, protect green infrastructure, and carry out sustainable land and water use practices.

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Green Legacies: A Donor’s Guide for BC

Land Trust Alliance of BC
Published: 2015
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The guide is intended for legal, financial, and professional advisors, whose clients wish to set up their personal legacies in support of conservation and ecological objectives.  This version updates a previous (2002) guide. It outlines changes to legislation pertaining to charitable giving, and includes a web edition where future updates will be posted, at and on
The guide outlines ten ways charitable giving can support nature, and the rationale for doing so.  It then catalogues the various types of giving possible in BC (e.g. current, deferred, or land/covenant gifts), and the considerations associated with each.  It also outlines Canada’s ecological gifts program.  Sample scenarios are included for reference.
Subject Areas:
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecosystems
  • Environment
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Habitat
  • Land Use
  • Natural Resources
  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity Conservation Plan
  • Habitat Stewardship or Restoration Plan
  • Land Use Plan
  • Parks and Protected Areas Plan
  • Sensitive Ecosystems Protection Plan
  • Background Information
  • Case Studies
  • Legislation
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