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Establishing a Regional Conservation Fund in British Columbia: A Guide for Local Governments and Community Organizations

South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program
Published: 2011
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This guidebook is designed for local governments and non-governmental organizations interested in creating dedicated funding to support conservation efforts via the establishment of a conservation fund.  It provides background information on conservation funds (what they are, why a local government might want to establish one, and the rationale for conservation, including the “free” services that natural systems provide), outlines the steps required to establish a conservation fund, and includes examples of successful precedents.

Seven key considerations for fund establishment covered in the guide include:  
  1. Identifying a team to work on establishing the fund
  2. Determining community priorities and gauging support for the fund
  3. Designing the conservation fund
  4. Choosing the best legislative approach to establish the fund
  5. Deciding how to finance the conservation fund
  6. Defining the boundaries
  7. Making the case for conservation and building consensus
Sidebars throughout the guide provide referenced examples illustrating each consideration from around BC, provide sample bylaw language, and expand on key points. Appendices provide a comprehensive sample terms of reference, bylaw, and detailed instructions for calculating the amount possible to raise via taxation.
Subject Area(s):
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecosystems
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Environment
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Habitat
  • Official Community Plan
  • Regional Growth Strategy
  • Sensitive Ecosystems Protection Plan
  • Invasive Species Management Plan
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Biodiversity Conservation Plan
  • Background Information
  • Case Studies
  • Flow Charts
  • Legislation
  • Sample Bylaw Language
  • Terms of Reference
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