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Dealing With Drought: A Handbook for Water Suppliers in British Columbia

Government of BC
Published: 2016
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This handbook is designed to walk water suppliers through the process required to prepare a drought management plan and provides information and easily customizable templates to assist in drought planning. It includes basic information on drought, its impacts, measurement, and steps that could be taken to minimize its impacts. It also outlines the role of Provincial and Federal government agencies in a drought situation.
Perhaps most useful are the appendices, which include guidelines for implementing drought management teams, drought planning templates (including drought management plans, water supply and demand analysis templates, and water conservation plans), sample bylaws, and related information and resources.
Subject Area(s):
  • Climate Change
  • Drought
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Management
  • Watersheds
  • Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Drought Management Plan
  • Official Community Plan
  • Background Information
  • Sample Bylaw Language
  • Sample Plans/Policies/Strategies
  • Planning Tools/Actions
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