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Development Permit Areas for Climate Action: A Guide for Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and GHG Emissions Reductions

Government of BC
Published: 2011
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The guide offers information on enabling legislation and considerations for local governments in applying development permit areas (DPAs) for climate action.  The Guide provides specific information on what can be regulated through DPAs to address climate action including: landscaping (e.g. drought tolerant plants), siting of buildings and structures (e.g. capture solar energy), form and exterior design of buildings (e.g. provision of shade), specific features that can be addressed in development (e.g. permeable surfaces, naturalized ponds), and machinery and equipment (e.g. rainwater collection systems). Links to other tools of use for local government to implement climate action are provided throughout the guide. The guide provides examples of policies and strategies that can be used in official community plans or other related long range planning documents.
Subject Area(s):
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Official Community Plan
  • Development Permit Area
  • Case Studies
  • Checklists
  • List of Resources
  • Sample Plans/Policies/Strategies
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