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The resources in this database provide legal mechanisms, innovative policies, and best practices that planners can use to help their communities adapt to climate change, protect green infrastructure, and carry out sustainable land and water use practices.

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Adapting to Climate Change: An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities

Government of Canada
Published: 2010
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The guide provides an overview of impacts of a changing climate and an introduction to climate change adaptation. Canadian case studies are included to raise awareness of climate change impacts and provide insights as to how challenges might be addressed by other communities facing similar issues. The appendices include climate models as a tool used to assess future climate; resources and useful websites; and a glossary of climate change terminology.
The guide notes the need to undertake analysis to: understand community climate vulnerability; set priorities; examine climate risks through projections; and manage the identified risks. Local government can implement adaptation measures through land use planning, community energy planning, and mechanisms like zoning and permit regulations. Leadership in adaptation planning and interdisciplinary partnerships and collaboration are essential.
Subject Areas:
  • Climate Change
  • Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Stormwater/Rainwater Management Plan/Program
  • Urban Forest Management Plan
  • Water Conservation Plan/Program
  • Wildfire Protection Plan
  • Background Information
  • Case Studies
  • List of Resources
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