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Conserving Okanagan Wetlands: Local Government and Provincial Tools Workshop Report

Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program
Published: 2017
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This document is the summary report for the "Conserving Okanagan Wetlands: Local Government and Provincial Tools" workshop held in November 2017.
The report:
  • provides an update on recent wetland conservation initiatives and activities in the Okanagan,
  • highlights the role of the provincial Water Sustainability Act in wetland protection,
  • identifies and shares best practices for local government tools for wetland conservation, and
  • includes ideas and strategies and opportunities to improve wetland conservation outcomes in the Okanagan.

Subject Areas:
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Ecosystems
  • Environment
  • Flood
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Habitat
  • Land Use
  • Stormwater/Rainwater
  • Water Management
  • Water Quality
  • Watersheds
  • Wetlands
  • Biodiversity Conservation Plan
  • Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Development Permit Area
  • Ecosystems Services Assessment/Plan
  • Habitat Stewardship or Restoration Plan
  • Land Use Plan
  • Official Community Plan
  • Regional Growth Strategy
  • Regulatory Bylaw
  • Sensitive Ecosystems Protection Plan
  • Source Water Protection Plan
  • Stormwater/Rainwater Management Plan/Program
  • Watershed Plan
  • Zoning Bylaw
  • Background Information
  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies
  • Legislation
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