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The resources in this database provide legal mechanisms, innovative policies, and best practices that planners can use to help their communities adapt to climate change, protect green infrastructure, and carry out sustainable land and water use practices.

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  1. Canadian Water Directory
    Provided by: Sustainable Infrastructure Society
    Year Published: 2018
  2. Constructed Wetlands for Stormwater Management: An Okanagan Guidebook
    Provided by: Okanagan Basin Water Board
    Year Published: 2018
  3. Conserving Okanagan Wetlands: Local Government and Provincial Tools Workshop Report
    Provided by: Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program
    Year Published: 2017
  4. Design Guidebook: Maximizing Climate Adaptation Benefits with Trees
    Provided by: Metro Vancouver
    Year Published: 2017
  5. Ecosystem Services Toolkit. Completing and Using Ecosystem Service Assessment for Decision-Making: An Interdisciplinary Toolkit for Managers and Analysts
    Provided by: Government of Canada
    Year Published: 2017
  6. Flood Mapping in BC: APEGBC Professional Practices Guidelines
    Provided by: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
    Year Published: 2017
  7. Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook
    Provided by: BC Groundwater Protection Association
    Year Published: 2017
  8. Local Conservation Funds in British Columbia: A Guide for Local Governments and Community Organizations
    Provided by: South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program
    Year Published: 2017
  9. Preventing Disaster Before it Strikes: Developing a Canadian Standard for New Flood-Resilient Residential Communities
    Provided by: Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
    Year Published: 2017
  10. Soak It Up! Toolkit: 16 actions your municipality can take to reduce runoff and runoff pollution
    Provided by: Green Communities Canada
    Year Published: 2017
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