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Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook

BC Groundwater Protection Association
Published: 2017
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The BC Water Sustainability Act includes a Groundwater Protection Regulation that came into effect in 2016.  It requires water wells in BC to be properly constructed, maintained, and, at the end of their service, deactivated and decommissioned to protect the quality and safety of groundwater resources. This handbook provides an overview of the legislation, with sample best practices and clear illustrations and diagrams throughout.
The guide begins by outlining nine types of wells, including descriptions, examples, and who is eligible to construct them. It also outlines factors to consider before well drilling, various construction considerations, operation and maintenance guidelines, and decommissioning. Icons indicate which well types the information pertains to, and references are hyperlinked in the text for ease of referral. The guide also covers the registration process that drillers and installers must follow, and provides information on groundwater licensing, compliance and enforcement. Relevant forms and ministry contacts are included at the end of the handbook for reference.
Subject Areas:
  • Groundwater
  • Water Management
  • Water Quality
  • Watersheds
  • Development Permit Area
  • Groundwater Management Plan
  • Source Water Protection Plan
  • Watershed Plan
  • Well Protection Plan
  • Background Information
  • Best Practices
  • Definitions
  • Legislation
  • List of Resources
  • Standards
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