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October 31, 2023, 12:33 pm

Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act Includes Local Government Act Change

Ministry of Attorney General
VICTORIA - Government has introduced the miscellaneous statutes amendment act (No. 3), 2023, to the legislative assembly on Oct. 31, 2023.

If passed by the legislature, the amendments will affect the following provincial statutes:

Supreme Court Act
Amendments to the Supreme Court Act will replace the title of “master” with the title of “associate judge” in this act and several others acts. The current title has connotations of hierarchy, subservience, colonialism and slavery. The changes would respond to requests from chief justice and be consistent with the government's efforts to advance reconciliation.

Low Carbon Fuels Act
The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is designed to lower the average carbon intensity of fuels, to increase the adoption of low-carbon fuels and promote innovation in low-carbon fuel technologies. In addition to enabling a controlled expansion of the low-carbon fuel requirements, the proposed amendments will lessen disproportional impacts on remote and rural communities through improvements to exemption criteria. The amendments will also enable a 0% jet fuel renewable fuel target for the early years, to allow for a positive renewable fuel target in later years. Amendments to revise provisions for exporting fuel from B.C. will maintain the integrity of the LCFS. The amended transitional provisions will avoid increased regulatory burden.

Protected Areas of British Columbia Act
The proposed amendment is to modify the boundary description of E.C. Manning Park to remove one hectare of land adjacent to Highway 3. This will allow the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to replace the aging Snass Creek and 19 Mile bridges, which are both nearing the end of their serviceable lifespan.

Residential Tenancy Act; Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act
Amendments will enable a spectrum of Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) dispute resolution services, such as facilitated settlement processes. The amendments will also give the RTB more flexibility in how it conducts hearings, ultimately reducing hearing wait times.

North Island-Coast, Southern Interior and Northern Development Initiative Trust Acts
Proposed amendments will provide a $10-million increase to the cap on provincial contributions allowed for each of the trusts. In addition, the amendments will clarify the role of third-party contribution arrangements, update the purpose of the regional accounts and make other minor administrative updates.

Local Government Act
In spring 2023, a requirement was introduced for municipalities to serve notice to a property owner, and any registered charge holder, of their intent to sell the property to recover unpaid taxes at the annual municipal tax sale. This amendment clarifies one part of the required content of the notice, which outlines the amount a property owner must pay to prevent a property from proceeding to tax sale.

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