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February 21, 2023, 7:15 am

Conservation Covenant Created to Protect 90 Acres Within Squamish

District of Squamish
SQUAMISH -  The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) and the District of Squamish are pleased to announce the creation of a 36.69-hectare (90.66-acre) conservation area known as Garibaldi Springs Ecological Reserve. The centrally located conservation area protects and expands critical habitat for provincially red-listed species. Stewardship will also include the re-wilding of altered forest and riparian areas.

The ecological reserve was made possible through land dedication and site remediation work by Polygon Developments Ltd. as part of an overall development plan for this previous golf course site.

“Squamish is internationally known for its breathtaking natural beauty,” says Cathy Armstrong, TLC Executive Director. “We are proud to partner with the District of Squamish and Polygon in creating a conservation covenant to expand and protect riparian and forest habitat for species at risk and wildlife migratory opportunities.”

Garibaldi Springs largely consists of aquatic and riparian habitat, as well as previously disturbed area that will be restored to wetland, riparian, and upland forested habitat. The conservation area also contains creeks and wetlands that feed into salmon-bearing Meighan Creek and the Squamish River via Harris Slough. The area neighbours 1.17-hectares of new active community park, Garibaldi Springs Park, in addition to existing nearby wildlife habitat in the South Coast Mountain Range including Alice Lake Provincial Park and Garibaldi Provincial Park. The land will be fully accessible to the public.

“The Garibaldi Springs Ecological Reserve and Park will benefit the entire community of Squamish and this covenant will ensure its protection for all to enjoy, for many generations to come,” says District of Squamish Mayor Armand Hurford. “As the District works to balance a range of objectives from providing housing within our growth management boundary, to protecting greenspace, this project exemplifies how this can be achieved. We are appreciative of The Land Conservancy of British Columbia, Polygon and all those involved for their work in supporting conservation efforts in our community.”

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