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July 6, 2022, 4:29 pm

New Framework Guides Coquitlam’s Approach to Community Engagement

City of Coquitlam
COQUITLAM – A new Community Engagement Framework will guide why, when and how Coquitlam informs and involves the community in decisions being made.

Council adopted the Community Engagement Framework at this week’s Council Meeting. The document aims to bring a more purposeful approach to the City’s engagement efforts, formalizing processes and best practices, as well as clarifying how the City makes decisions.

Municipal government has a long history of gathering community input, including formal, legislated processes such as Public Hearings and Council meetings. As the City’s overall business has become more complex with more complicated decisions being made, Coquitlam has brought in more tools to meet the public’s growing expectations for information and, where appropriate, reasonable opportunities for input. The adoption of the Framework represents the natural next stop in the evolution of Coquitlam’s public engagement activities and will be used to guide public education and support staff decision-making around engagement activities.

The Community Engagement Framework is a 2022 Business Plan priority and was developed through research, broad public engagement and past successes, as well as lessons learned, industry best practices, and identified barriers and opportunities for improvement. 

The Framework outlines Coquitlam’s approach to community engagement, including the context for engagement, guiding principles, and why, when and how the City engages the public and other interested parties.

The document also seeks to bring clarity to how the City makes decisions and shows how public input is one part of that process. It highlights the myriad considerations that inform the City’s decisions and acknowledges that the City must balance public feedback along with a number of other important factors including community need, budget, other strategies and plans, legislation, operational and technical considerations, and staff expertise.

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