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May 4, 2022, 9:30 am

Metro Vancouver Launches Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator

Metro Vancouver
BURNABY - Metro Vancouver's new Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator allows residents to estimate their recycling or disposal costs using smaller weights and different units of measure, whereas for most materials rates are specified by the metric tonne in the Tipping Fee Bylaw. Actual costs are based on the weight of materials as determined by weighing vehicles entering and exiting facilities.

The estimator can be used for Metro Vancouver recycling and waste centres, the Vancouver South Transfer Station, and Vancouver Landfill.

Some materials, like scrap metal for recycling, are received at no cost, and other materials — including yard trimmings, clean wood, and garbage — are priced depending on the material type.

The estimator was used almost 2,300 times during its first month in operation, and the top three searched items were mattress/box spring, furniture, and garbage.

The Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator is available on the Metro Vancouver website.

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