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June 11, 2021, 9:31 am

Penticton's Free Downtown Parking Stalls Encourage Curbside Pickup

City of Penticton

PENTICTON - In a continued effort to support local businesses, the City has designated free curbside pick-up parking stalls in four locations along Main Street and is looking to expand the program to other areas of the downtown as well. These temporary stalls will be in place to provide a free quick-stop option for customers to conveniently pick up their takeout and curbside orders downtown.

In response to requests from businesses and the community and in partnership with the DPA, the City’s Economic Development and Public Works departments have designated pickup stalls in each block of Main Street. These stalls are currently identified with Picnic-ton branded signage indicating “Ten minute free parking, reserved for curbside pickup only” (see attached image). The branding has the ability to change over time to be reflective of different programs and seasons. Residents are encouraged to use these curbside parking stalls to pick up their food and beverage orders or retail curbside pickup orders.

“The purpose of these free parking stalls is to support our local businesses by making it easy and convenient for their customers to come downtown and pick up their orders, without needing to pay at a parking meter,” said Blake Laven, Director of Development Services.

The locations of these parking stalls on Main Street are:

300 Block – in front of Mikes Pawnbrokers 333 Main St 
400 Block – in front of Apex Optometry 462 Main St 
500 Block – in front of Angry Vegan’s new location at 536 Main St 
600 Block – in front of Cheers Church 639 Main St

The curbside pickup parking stalls are now featured on Picnic-ton’s interactive map, which also identifies participating food and beverage businesses, as well as nearby parks and picnic facilities. Visit to see the map and scope out your next trip downtown.

Picnic-ton is a Love Local initiative that seeks to inspire citizens to order takeout from local food and drink businesses to enjoy at local parks, where three dozen extra picnic tables have been set up. More than 45 businesses have registered to participate in the Picnic-ton program. The curbside parking stalls can be used for pickup at any location downtown, whether or not the business is a Picnic-ton participant. 


Blake Laven
Development Services Director (Parking Program Manager)
City of Penticton 

Carly Lewis
Economic Development Manager
City of Penticton

Philip Cooper
Communication Manager
City of Penticton

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