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March 25, 2021, 9:56 am

Fresh Outlook Foundation Releases Wealth in Mental Health Podcast

Fresh Outlook Foundation
VERNON - The Fresh Outlook Foundation (FOF) recently released a podcast entitled WEALTH IN MENTAL HEALTH: Mobilizing a Just & Green Economy as part of its HEADS UP! Community Mental Health program.

“Our guests in this episode explore how recovery from COVID-19 provides remarkable opportunities for transition to a just and green economy that would ultimately boost universal mental health,” says Jo de Vries, local government outreach and engagement specialist, FOF founder, and HEADS UP! producer. 

Featuring policy professionals Trish Hennessy (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) and Arden Henley (BC’s Green Technology Education Centre) the podcast digs into transformative concepts such as ‘doughnut economics’, ‘well-being budget’, ‘inclusive economy’, and the ‘three-sided coin’.

Hennessy shares insights from the CCPA’s Alternative Federal Budget (Recovery Plan 2020), while Henley talks about GTech’s report called Rebuilding BC: A Portfolio of Possibilities. Both documents include recommendations for social solutions within a green economy that are sustainable and resilient.

Hennessy and Henley also explore how lessons learned about mental health during the pandemic, can guide economic reform while informing solutions to other global challenges, such as systemic racism and climate change.

Another HEADS UP! podcast that might interest local government officials is ROLE CALL: Local Governments’ Contribution to Community Mental Health. FOF recently hosted a virtual HEADS UP! Community Mental Health Summit, which also included topics of interest to local government officials. Check out the recordings and PowerPoints from experts representing all sectors.

For more information contact:

Jo de Vries, Founder & CEO, Fresh Outlook Foundation/Alliance Communications

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