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August 27, 2020, 8:43 am

Healthy Natural Environments Action Guide Supports Natural Space Stewardship and Equitable Access

BC Healthy Communities
VICTORIA - Equitable access to natural spaces has never been a more important issue for Indigenous governments and non-Indigneous local governments. Natural environments have become some of our most coveted spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. While being outside facilitates physical distancing and lowers the likelihood of COVID transmission, the real allure of our natural environments comes from their ability to reduce stress and depression and improve mental wellness—an area of health seeing great decline due to the pandemic. 

Designed to support Indigenous governments and non-Indigneous local governments, BC Healthy Communities’ newly-released PlanH Healthy Natural Environments guide includes, key action items, examples and case studies to inform and inspire community efforts to create equitable, sustainable, health-promoting natural environments. The guide also includes an overview of evidence-informed health linkages, applicable legislation and strategies to support communities’ work in this area.

The Healthy Natural Environments Action Guide offers actionable ideas that are easily adapted to communities of different sizes, geographies and climates to address some of the most common obstacles faced by local governments. Community examples come from a variety of rural, urban, and Indigenous sources in order to be representative of communities across the province.

PlanH is a partnership between BC Healthy Communities and the British Columbia Ministry of Health. PlanH creates healthier communities by supporting partnerships across sectors, providing learning opportunities, resources, and consultation, and facilitating leading-edge practices and collaborative local action.

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Jacob Cramer, Researcher and Planning Assistant
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