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August 26, 2020, 9:57 am

Squamish Council Endorses First Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy

District of Squamish
SQUAMISH - District of Squamish Council has endorsed an Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy that aims to support a vibrant cultural sector and identity, create connectivity and enhance the availability of cultural activity in Squamish. The Strategy is designed with ‘present time and place’ in mind, with an adaptable implementation plan that can respond to changing needs and evolving opportunities as the community grows over time. The 60-page document can be viewed online at

“Arts, culture and heritage are integral to our community ​fabric and this Strategy represents a​n important step in moving this sector forward", says District of Squamish Acting Mayor Jenna Stoner. “This sector already punches above its weight providing our community with amazing opportunities to support, foster and celebrate arts, culture and heritage; however, what we heard from the community through public engagement ​during the Strategy development is a ​strong desire for more arts, culture and heritage experiences in Squamish. This Strategy provides a roadmap that will enable the arts, culture and heritage sector to flourish and we look forward to working with community groups ​to move opportunities forward together."

The Strategy encompasses the results of broad community engagement including 120 hours of arts, culture and heritage sector stakeholder feedback from 25 local organizations, one-on-one stakeholder interviews, stakeholder workshops and a wide-reaching community survey that generated 889 responses.

"As a non-profit group that works in the realm of Arts and Culture, this Strategy provides a supportive framework for us to help connect with other stakeholders and drive our own strategy," says Squamish Arts Council Executive Director Amy Liebenberg. "The Squamish Arts Council participated in its development from start to finish. There was inspiring and productive discussion throughout the process, and the result is a document that serves as a foundation for all community members who have a stake in these industries."

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy was developed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted the ability to host arts and culture gatherings and experiences. The Strategy aims to celebrate and strengthen Squamish's current cultural sector and to support the spirit and vitality of the community in light of the current event landscape. 

"Arts, culture and heritage are extremely important to develop because it helps bind us as a community. By celebrating diversity and inclusion, Squamish will grow stronger, flourishing together," says Pride Squamish President Tabitha McIntyre. "As a Pride Society, we are so pleased that the District of Squamish is taking this path, and are honoured that the District has engaged with Pride Squamish right from the start. We look forward to partnering in the future."

To learn more about the project and to view the Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy visit

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