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February 5, 2019, 11:38 am

Two Candidates Vie for Hornby Island Local Trustee Position

Islands Trust

VANCOUVER - The Chief Election Officer has confirmed that a by-election will go ahead on March 2, 2019 to fill the vacant local trustee position for the Hornby Island Local Trust Area.

Two candidates have been nominated for the position. They are George Buvyer and Grant Scott. The person elected will serve until the current term of office ends in November 2022. The position became vacant in October 2018 following the resignation of Tony Law.

Once elected, local trustees fulfil two roles. They sit on the three-member local trust committee that has the authority to make land use plans and regulations for the relevant local trust area. Trustees also sit on the regional Islands Trust Council, which considers broader policy, operational, and financial decisions. Local trust committees and the Islands Trust Council are mandated by the Province of British Columbia to preserve and protect the unique amenities and environment of their respective regions on behalf of Trust Area residents and all British Columbians. The Trust Area includes one island municipality, Bowen Island, which must have regard to the Object of the Islands Trust in adopting a bylaw or issuing a permit or licence.

By-elections for trustee positions in the Islands Trust are held in accordance with provincial rules set out in the Local Government Act. To provide information about the candidates, voter qualifications and registration, voting times and voting places, a formal “Notice of Election” will be published in local newspapers that circulate in the Hornby Island Local Trust Area. Information for candidates and voters will also be available on the Islands Trust website. More information about the by-election process is available from the Chief Election Officer (phone: 250-339-4404) or by contacting Islands Trust (phone: 250-405-5188 or via toll free transfer 1-800-663-7867).

The Islands Trust is a federation of local government bodies representing 26,000 people living within the Islands Trust Area and another 10,000 non-resident property-owners. The Islands Trust is responsible for preserving and protecting the unique environment and amenities of the Islands Trust Area through planning and regulating land use, development management, education, co-operation with other agencies, and land conservation. The area covers the islands and waters between the British Columbia mainland and southern Vancouver Island. It includes 13 major islands and more than 450 smaller islands covering 5200 square kilometres.

CONTACT: Russ Hotsenpiller, Chief Administrative Officer, via Andrew Templeton, Communications Specialist, 250.405.5156

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