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Burnaby Lights the Way in Energy Conservation
March 12, 2018, 2:00 pm

Burnaby Lights the Way in Energy Conservation

City of Burnaby

BURNABY - In 2017, the City of Burnaby reduced its energy use more than any other city in British Columbia. This year, we’re reducing it more!

Burnaby is focused on energy efficiency in all areas of its operations. One of the City’s most successful programs to date – replacing some 13,000 street lights with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – is nearing completion, with the final phase scheduled for this year. Burnaby will be the first city in Metro Vancouver to complete a full conversion to LED street lighting. This will be followed by more energy-saving LED conversions in facilities throughout Burnaby.

Since officially launching in November 2015, as the first city in British Columbia to commit to full conversion of conventional street lights to LED, the City has already replaced more than 10,000 street lights resulting in an annual savings of approximately $600,000. The street light conversion is a key part of the City’s longstanding, comprehensive plan to reduce energy consumption. It is improving the City’s lighting, lowering street light operating and maintenance costs, and reducing the City’s potential impact on climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Our citizens are committed to energy efficiency. This fact, coupled with the City’s focus on strategic energy management, is saving money while improving lighting and significantly reducing the environmental impact of City operations,” says Mayor Derek Corrigan. “Thank you to all Burnaby citizens and businesses for helping Burnaby to achieve its ambitious energy reduction targets. We’re very proud of our achievements to date and look forward to continuing to work with all of you to achieve additional savings!” 

As part of its ongoing energy-conservation efforts, the City will continue to implement and explore other green initiatives that include converting lighting in public parks and pedestrian pathways. These and other sustainability practices are all part of the City of Burnaby’s strategic energy management plan (SEMP). 

Program Facts

Advantages of using LED streetlights include:

  • Lasting up to five times longer than existing high-pressure sodium streetlights, requiring less maintenance.
  • Providing a whiter light source and enabling better colour recognition compared with the yellower high-pressure sodium streetlights.
  • Being “dark sky” compliant, helping to decrease light pollution by better focusing light onto roadways. 
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