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March 7, 2018, 3:06 pm

District of Clearwater Celebrates 10 Years of Incorporation

District of Clearwater

CLEARWATER -  It has been 10 years since the community of Clearwater incorporated, and the years have flown by.  The municipality's success is primarily related to the autonomy created when the District was formed, and while the past decade has seen many positive changes in the community, the changes have not come without challenges.
“Key to our success story are the incredible partnerships that have been formed," said, Mayor John Harwood. "Many projects that have been successful were due to being able to leverage funding from our local Community Forest, and the ability to lobby the provincial and federal governments with regards to the inherent special needs of a rural community.”

Since incorpoarting on December 3, 2007, the District of Clearwater's high-level successes include:

  • Community Awards:
    • 2009 UBCM Honourable mention - Healthy Living Program 
    • 2014 UBCM Excellence Award - Partnerships
    • 2015 UBCM Excellence Award - organizational development and best practices 
  • Total grants equaling $15.3 million - these funds have been used for many capital projects, job creation, and development of sustainable programs 
  • Substantial growth:
    • 338 Building Permits issued over 10 year.
    • Total Value of Building Permits issued: $35.6 milllion.
  • 22 subdivision applications approved, creating 78 lots. 
  • Assessment values of $227,414,071 in 2008 to $309,319,182 in 2018, an increase of 36%.
“Having autonomy has provided the ability to set our own destiny," noted Mayor Harwood.  "Our vision is to maintain provide community driven services and grow our local economy."
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