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June 28, 2017, 3:18 pm

City of North Vancouver Launches Patios, Parklets and Places to Play

City of North Vancouver

NORTH VANCOUVER – The City of North Vancouver is energizing popular locations this summer with outdoor dining patios, parklets and placemaking.

Patios: A creative partnership between the City and local businesses has resulted in an enlivened, outdoor dining experience in Lower Lonsdale. Five restaurants located south of Esplanade now feature expanded outdoor wooden dining patios. 

The patios are constructed over the existing sidewalk and pedestrian traffic has been re-routed to the removed on-street parking stalls. The outdoor dining concept is a three year pilot project recommended in the 2014 Central Waterfront Study as a way to animate the area.

Parklets: As well, the City has created a portable ‘parklet’ on 18th Street at Lonsdale, another placemaking project aimed at animating community public spaces. This parklet is a wooden deck over an existing parking spot, creating space for people to sit, relax, connect and enjoy. It’s the City’s first parklet and will be moved around to other locations. People enjoying the parklets are under no obligation to purchase food or beverages, as the spots are intended as public space.

Play: The City has also launched PlayCNV, a placemaking program that transforms public spaces into vibrant, fun locations by encouraging the creative use of parks, squares, streets and plazas that connect the community and bring residents together. Neighbourhoods are encouraged to provide ideas for unique events, pop-up markets, public art installations or block parties, and work with the City to create the play spaces.  PlayCNV programs already underway include Long Table Lunch, Busking, Fun City Festival and revitalization of Jack Loucks Court.

“The City of North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale area is a vibrant and exciting people place, and the expanded restaurant patios are part of our strategy of creating lively and inviting spaces for locals and visitors to gather,” says Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “And with the addition of the 18th Street parklet, we’re bringing yet another innovative approach of people-oriented public space to the Central Lonsdale neighbourhood. As well, our new placemaking program is creating unique and fun spaces all over the City for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

For more information on the City’s patios, parklets and PlayCNV programs, visit
For more information contact: Connie Rabold, Communications Manager, City of North Vancouver
Tel: 604-983-7383 | Email:

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